Friday, January 21, 2011

Seven Days in Senegal on a World Vision Trip !!!

Our primary purpose was to visit the work of World Vision and report back to our church, CFC, that their praying and giving are transforming the lives of families, showing them the love of Christ. We met many children everywhere we stopped.
We also visited the village of Baback to which CFC has gone annually for the past seven years. Fortunately this was not our means of transportation.
Finally, we wanted to see Laurie Fenicle, our first full-time missionary sent to Senegal last year. She is with her fiance, Philippe. Nice guy, really. They went to Baback with us and we visited their church on Sunday. They hope to be married in May at Calvary Fellowship in Downingtown.

Finally after thousands of air miles and dusty roads.......

Diarra Thioury & Fallou Samb have been our sponsored children since March 2010.
Finally, they are no longer just faces on the refrigerator.....
but little children whose families & villages gain the support of World Vision whose ultimate goal is to show them the love of Chirst.
Almost all of us on the trip were able to meet with their sponsored kids, except Brian. Read on.

Surprise - We stopped in Fallou's Village

To my greatest surprise, while visiting a village to meet Brian's sponsored child, Fallou came out to see me and have me meet his family.
I met his dad yesterday, and now meet his mother, brother and sister as well as aunts and cousins. It was a real family affair.
Then mom invited me into their hut, what a treat. And they gave me a basket of peanuts, a gift I was not allowed to refuse.
Six family members live here.
Now this is the new photo for my fridge. He finally smiled for me !!!!!

Bob Marley Lives On........

We witnessed the beginning of a World Vision Micro-Financing Enterprise.Present at this meeitng were 12 men who entered into a business contract with WV based on their business plan to fatten livestock for resale. This will enable the village to care for itself during to hungry season. Present was the local Imam (in green), the village chief (in blue) and a village elder (pictured below).
I struck up a friendship with the village elder after praying for the transaction and asked if I could have my picture taken with him. He obliged and was then asked by the village chief to remove his .... um ..... hair covering.
Quelle surprise !!!!! as they say in French.

Miscellaneous Photos

This is the Boabab tree, most famous in Senegal for its size and fruit.I just can't resist a good sunset shot.
It's a fact and this proves it.........
Penn State has the largest alumni association in the world.
Mike - always checking for a signal. Boy - does he miss his wife.

Goree Island - Senegal

This guy is just showing off.
Goree island processed millions of slaves to the Americas.
We spent only a few hours here on our last day in country.
Quite a moving experience if you think of the many that died here...
And the separation of families.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Micah Updates

"Now that there's a Grand kid, nobody pays me any attention."
"Don't you think I'm better looking?"
"Yo - who gave me this double chin?"
"Guess what I just did?"
"Boy - I wish I had some teeth..."
"When will he put that camera away?"

Thursday, September 02, 2010

More Micah

Finally I get to hold him.
Here I am pretending to be asleep.
Here I am pretending to be half asleep, half awake. Which one will get me more attention?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Micah William Bateman

Proud parents Jeff and Sarah
No, he's not cleaning him off, just showing him love.
6 lbs, 2 oz, 20 inches long for those ladies who have to know the numbers
Compare the smiles - one says "We're adopting our next one."
The other says "finally, someone to play Wii with".
The first stinky to change. Many more to come and I know Grumps won't help.